Grow Your Audience

Your website is up – now to get traffic and sales. Learn to do that and more in our crash course on how to promote your website online.

Good news: your audience, fans and supporters are out there. They will love who you are and what you do, purchase your products and services, and provide you with the most wonderful sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

Bad news: you have to figure out a way to reach them. Not an easy task, in this information-overload era!

This is ClickWP’s very own guide to growing your audience. Each chapter contains tried-and-true strategies that will work. Before you start, and especially if you’re starting from zero, you need to know that it’s going to be hard before it’s easy, butit will be easy eventually.

There isn’t one magic, single way to grow an audience. Rather, it is a combination of many actionable steps that come together as a whole. 

Some steps are easy, some are hard. Some will frustrate the hell out of you, but now at least you know what you don’t know – go learn or outsource it out, that’s part of the learning process too.  

Here’s what we suggest: read this guide, then decide five actions that you can implement into your digital marketing work immediately, five actions that you know you have to outsource, and five actions that you’d like to learn. Let’s go!