The minimum you must know about SEO

If you’ve got the basics down, you’re already ahead of the rest

The Minimalist Guide to SEO

Instead of trying to cover everything you need to know, this is a minimalist guide that aims only for the minimum you need to know about SEO

Making A Great First Impression In Search

If you only have time for one nugget of SEO knowledge, you’ve found it. This article explains the two basic SEO techniques that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.  As we explained previously, the goal is to get visitors to love your website. Do that and Google will love you too, rewarding you… Continue reading

Delight Your Website Visitors With A Great Experience

You’ve worked hard to identify what your audience wants and created great content to attract them to your site. Now we have to make sure that your website doesn’t turn off its visitors with a poor user experience. A website’s User eXperience, or UX, is the “feeling” that someone gets from using and browsing the… Continue reading

Make sure Google understands your website

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Helping Google understand your site better is categorized as technical SEO. Yes, this section will cover some technical topics, but we talk about them in plain, simple language. Google already understands your site pretty well, so why bother with technical SEO at all? Because if Google understands your site better than your competitors, you’ll have an advantage in… Continue reading

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