ClickWP was born out of the need for reliable and dependable support for individuals and businesses using WordPress.

WordPress is an open source project, and the official support forums are mainly staffed by volunteers who are simply overwhelmed and not able to look into every support request in detail. Because of this you might not get comprehensive responses and they may not be able to help you with third party plugins and themes.

There are some times when you can solve your WordPress troubles yourself with some Googling. And then there are times when you really need to call in the big guns (like Mark Jaquith who costs $350 / hour!)

But for most of the time ClickWP can solve your WordPress problems, quickly and affordably. ClickWP specializes in solving WordPress-related problems of any kind. We speak in plain English and we don’t assume that you understand what HTML or PHP is.

We love WordPress, but we understand that you may not share that same passion. We understand that all you want is your site to work, and work great. And that’s our job. We make WordPress our business, so you can focus on your business.

We Love WordPress

WordPress puts food on our tables and we are big fans of it. Because it’s an open-source project, thousands of people contribute to the project in the form of code, education, services and plain old good will. ClickWP tries to contribute to WordPress as much as we can.

We publish WordPress tips and tutorials, we maintain a WordPress knowledge base and also publish a blog for WordPress theme developers. We even managed to arrange an awesome party for WordPress at SXSW!

If you’re into WordPress as well, be sure to connect with us online.

The Team

David Wang

ClickWP is headed by David Wang, a blogger and marketer with 10 years of experience with WordPress. Starting as a blogger himself, David began tinkering with the internals of WordPress and has done everything from creating custom themes to optimizing WordPress sites for thousands of page views in a day.

David was a speaker at the inaugural WordCamp Malaysia, the official WordPress conference, and continues to speak, teach and blog about WordPress whenever possible.

When not blogging or tinkering with WordPress, David loves giving unsolicited advice on running a business and living life fully and playing the role of husband and father.

I would love to contribute a guest post to your blog! The topics I know best about are small business and freelancing, entrepreneurship, productivity and WordPress of course. Please get in touch and tell me about your blog. If we’re a good fit and time permits I will be happy to share my knowledge with your audience.