Keep Your Website Hacker-Free and Running Smoothly

Which of the following situations sounds better? 

You login to your website to write a blog post. The writing screen finally appears after taking a long while to load. You ignore the half dozen notices and warnings on the screen and start to write your post, but the site crashes just when you start uploading an image.


You login to your website to write a post. The website is zippy and loads the writing screen quickly. You draft your post, and spiff it up with some images, quotes and buttons. Finally, you schedule the post, confident that it will be published as instructed on Monday morning.

Obviously the 2nd scenario is more desirable. Every website owner would want their website running smoothly and reliably. 

Problem-free and Hacker-free

There’s another reason why it’s important to have your website running smoothly – hackers. 

Your website is a high-value target. Hackers would love to use it to distribute spam, steal customer data, or to turn it into a zombie site that attacks other sites. Or you might just fall victim to online rogues who just want to vandalize and destroy your hard work. 

Either way, it’s frustrating and stressful when your website gets hacked or defaced. You may lose your blog posts, source or even income. Worse, you may even be legally accountable for any breach of customer data.

That’s why every website owner would want to keep their website safe and running smoothly. But that doesn’t just happen automatically. It needs a little work and effort. That’s what this guide is about – we’ll learn how to keep your WordPress website running smoothly and worry-free.

As with all our guides, we’ve written this guide with the goal of being easy to understand and not needing any technical knowledge. Some might say that it’s not comprehensive enough, but we argue that it’s briefness is what makes it easy enough to make a part of your routine. 

That’s what will keep your website purring like a happy kitten. 

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