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ClickWP Caretakers are on hand to help you with your website tasks 🙂


ClickWP can help with your website tasks to save you time and the stress of having to figure it out yourself. Unlike web designers or other freelancers, we don’t charge by the hour. Instead, we offer weekly or monthly support passes.

See a list of everything ClickWP can help you with.

Important notes about our support passes

  • Support passes are non-refundable and only available to customers with an active website care plan or ClickWP Membership
  • Choose from 2 different types of passes for the task you need.
  • These passes are good for 3 days till a month, depending on the option you choose. Our Caretakers will fit in multiple support tasks during that time frame.
  • Providing clear, concise instructions will ensure you get the most out of your support pass as communication counts towards the validity period.

Sidekick Support

Sidekick Support provides hands-on support at a Virtual Assistant level. Suitable for small, 30-min tasks that doesn't require coding. We can complete 1-3 tasks per day depending on complexity.

Example tasks: format & publish content, on-page SEO, setup email subscribe forms, install & configure plugins and themes, and more.

$50.00$150.00Select options


Superhero Support

Superhero Support provides support at a Web Developer level. Good for small fixes and customizations that don’t require a more detailed brief. For larger projects, please contact us for a project quote.

Example tasks: Design tweaks to get your website looking just right, add an email signup-form, website speed-up, malware or hack repair, and more.

$100.00$200.00Select options