Creating and using links in your content

Links are a fundamental part of the internet, allowing you to navigate across pages and websites. For example, this link brings you back to the homepage: Return to

As website owners, it’s important to create links within your content to direct visitors to related pages or even external websites. This article will explain several different ways to create links in WordPress.

Links are made up of 2 components:

The anchor text which the clickable part of the link, and the URL which looks like this: URLs must always begin with http.

In the WordPress editor, select the anchor text with your mouse. This will cause it to be highlighted.

Next, click the Link button to reveal the link popover. Now you can either:

  1. Paste the URL, or
  2. Search for content on your site to link to.

Click the arrow or press Return to accept the link

WordPress suggests content to link to when you type in a word

Shortcut: You can also select the text and press Ctrl+V / Cmd+V to paste the link directly onto the selected text to create a link

Click on the link. The formatting toolbar appears. Click the remove link button, which replaces the original link button.

Post embeds

If you paste a URL into the block editor without selecting any anchor text, WordPress will attempt to convert it into a post embed. Here’s how a post embed looks:

If you don’t want a post embed, you can convert it into a regular link like this:

In the post editor, add an image block.

Next, select the image and click the link button.

The link popover appears. Paste your link or search for the content on your site to link to. With images, you can also link to the image file directly by selecting the option in the link popover.

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