Friendly, Expert Technical Support
For Your WordPress Website

ClickWP takes the stress out of WordPress

ClickWP’s professional WordPress support plans provide peace of mind knowing that your website is safe, optimized and that you have an expert team ready to jump in to assist with any WordPress-related issue you may have.

WordPress logoOur ClickProtect plan provides essential automatic backups, managed updates and tech support via email.

The ClickAssist plan includes all the essentials with the addition of hands-on support for bloggers and businesses who want extra help and advice managing their websites.

per month
  • All ClickProtect features
  • 4 hands-on support incidents
  • Website optimization
  • Mailing list setup & optimization
  • Basic server management*
  • Learn more about ClickAssist, or sign up

* Limited to functions available from your web hosting control panel e.g. email, domains, etc related to your website

I’m happy to send our clients to ClickWP for ongoing support and know they’ll be in good hands long term. It’s reassuring to know their new websites will remain up to date, secure, and polished. — Reese Spykerman
benny-hsuHe was very professional and most importantly very patient with all my questions and concerns. — Benny Hsu


Professional WordPress Support


A Partner Who Understands You

You want your website to work smoothly and stress-free. You don’t like jumping through hoops to get help. You chose WordPress because it is easy to use, not because you’re a website expert.

ClickWP understands this. That’s why we make it easy to request support – all it takes is an email. And we always communicate in plain English, not geek-speak.

ClickWP understands small businesses, because we are a small business ourselves. ClickWP understands bloggers, because we are bloggers ourselves. We’re sure that we’ll fit right into your team.

ClickWP makes running your site fun and stress free


Save valuable time (and money)

Have you ever said to yourself, I’ll just fix this myself. Half a day later, your issue remains unresolved and now you’re playing catch up for the rest of the week.

Time is the most precious resource you have and ClickWP is here to put time on your side; we make WordPress our business so you can focus on your business.

Does WordPress feel like this to you? Then leave it to us!


Stop Stressing About the Technical Stuff

New updates are available. You should update now, but don’t forget to backup first. Hackers, malware and security. Embed codes, tracking codes, JavaScript. Website caching and performance.

Yikes! It feels like you need a PhD to manage a website!

ClickWP will help you navigate through the maze that is the world wide web. Or, just sit back and leave it to us. It’s our job to take care of the technical stuff.



Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with X. Which plan is right for me?

Our support plans provide help for anything WordPress-related. However the ClickProtect plan only includes email support. If you need us to sort the problem out for you, you should consider the ClickAssist plan which includes hands-on support.

Can ClickWP develop a new feature or design for my site?

If the feature you want to add can be installed via plugin or by adding a minor tweak to your theme, then yes we can help.

However, because our focus is on top-notch service for all our customers, we prefer not to tackle development or integration projects that might divert resources away from other customers. When in doubt, check with us, and we’ll either find the best way to achieve what you want to do, or direct you to one of our recommended developers.

Will ClickWP be hosting my site for me?

No, ClickWP only provides technical support for your site. If you need hosting, we will be happy to recommend you to the right one for your site. If you already have web hosting, we’ll be happy to work with them.

Can I sign up for more than 1 site?

Yes, absolutely! Every support plan after your first is discounted too. All you need to do is login to your account while purchasing your plan and the discount will be applied automatically.

I have a question about support incidents and other ClickAssist features.

Please see the ClickAssist plan for more details.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. Otherwise, go on and sign up!



Things You Should Know

ClickWP does not provide general WordPress development services. The rule of thumb is that if it requires more than 20 lines of code, we’ll prefer that you work with a trusted developer.

Plugin and theme updates are only applicable to those with auto update capability.

Please review our support policy for details on our scope of work.

In order to back up your site and fix any issues that may arise, we will require both your WordPress and hosting passwords. Rest assured, we protect your information and never sell our customers’ information to anyone, ever.