Enjoy More Time and Less Stress
With Our WordPress Support Plans


Save Time, Money and Tech Stress

They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but at ClickWP we think you can. Starting from just $25 a month our WordPress support plans offer you the comfort that comes from knowing your site is in safe hands.

We started ClickWP with two simple goals in mind:

  • To save you time
  • To reduce your stress levels

All our WordPress plans, advice, tips and recommendations are guided by these two straightforward principles.

We want to help bloggers and small businesses everywhere get their message to the world (without getting bogged down in the technical stuff).

ClickWP’s Customer Charter

You know your old pal Joe that you always turn to for advice about that thing? That’s us, for your website.

A Partner Who Understands You

Our customers love us for:

Our personal touch: We’re patient and respectful. We understand you may not have a technical background, so we speak plain English, not geek speak. We treat our customers like family and work hard to build a strong relationship with each and every one.

Direct access: Need help? We’re just an email away. No need for support tickets and passwords to remember. WordPress problems, disasters large and small, advice or suggestions – all are welcome.

Hands-on approach: We check on each customer site individually to review updates and security issues to ensure updates won’t break the site. We also visit each site personally to catch anything that automated scans may miss like typos and settings errors.

Yes, ClickWP is a small business, but that’s because we want to be. We’re not out to take over the world; we just want to help support WordPress users, one site at time.

Ready to get some serious WordPress support?

We’re ready and willing to help you with all your WordPress needs, so signup for a support plan today.

  • ClickProtect
  • Essential WordPress Support & Maintenance
  • Automatic nightly backups
  • WordPress plugin, theme and core updates
  • Website security and monitoring
  • Unlimited email support
  • All themes from our toolkit
  • $25 per month

Things You Should Know

ClickWP does not provide general WordPress development services. The rule of thumb is that if it requires more than 20 lines of code, we’ll prefer that you work with a trusted developer.

Plugin and theme updates are only applicable to those with auto update capability.

Please review our support policy for details on our scope of work.

In order to back up your site and fix any issues that may arise, we will require both your WordPress and hosting passwords. Rest assured, we protect your information and never sell our customers’ information to anyone, ever.