Creating and Managing Content

How do I create a new Page / Post / other piece of content?
And then, how do I edit the content after it’s been created?

These are the questions we’ll be answering in this article.

Create a new Page / Post / other

Add New Post in WordPress

You can add new content from the WordPress dashboard by navigating to Posts → Add New.

This pattern is repeated for all content types in WordPress like Pages, Products, Forms, Job Listings, Downloads and more.

Learn more about WordPress content types.

WordPress also provides shortcuts in the Admin Bar that appears at the top of the screen so you can get to the Add New screen with a single click. Clicking any of these links will bring you to the Add New screen for that content type.

Manage and Edit content

Once you’ve published your content, you can find it in the WordPress dashboard under the appropriate content type. This means that if you want to find a Post you published previously, navigate to Posts → All Posts. If you are looking for a Page, you would find it under Pages → All Pages. This screen will list all of the entries for that content type.

WordPress All Posts screen lists all the posts on your website
The Posts screen displays all of the Posts you have created on your website. There are corresponding screens for all of the different content types on your website.

Your website may have other content types like Products, Podcasts, Events, etc depending on the plugins you have installed on your website. You can also find these under the corresponding content type menu in the Dashboard.

From this screen you can click on en entry to edit it. Or you can use Bulk Edit to apply actions to multiple entries simultaneously. View the other articles in this chapter to learn how you can un-publish content, change the author, schedule content for the future and more.

Shortcut to Edit Content

Here is a method to save you from having to navigate through the Dashboard to find the content you want to edit. For this to work you must be logged in. Navigate to the content on the front-end of the site.

Clicking the Edit Post shortcut here will bring you directly to the edit screen for this Post

You will see the Admin Bar at the top of the screen. Click the Edit button and you will be brought directly to the edit screen for that entry.

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