Create About & Contact pages

Pages are what you use to display static content on your website like an About or Contact page.

You can create new pages from the WordPress Dashboard → Pages → Add New.

If you want to edit an existing page, navigate to Pages → All Pages and click on it’s name.

Give your page a title. Then type your content, or paste it into the editor. You can add images by choosing an existing image, or by uploading a new image from your computer.

You can preview how your content will look by clicking the Preview button. When you are ready to publicly publish the page, click the Publish button. Confirm and your page will be live.

What to put on your About page

Your About page may likely be the most visited page on your website after the homepage. Visitors want to know why your website exists and why they should trust you.

Here are some tips on creating a great About page:
6 tips from top bloggers for writing a great About Page

What to put on your Contact page

Your Contact page is extremely important because it’s how potential customers can reach you. Make it easy to get in touch with a contact form. You should also display your contact details prominently in case some people prefer to contact you directly.

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