Support Policy

Version 1.4, updated 16 February 2021

How we work

Our business hours are Mondays-Fridays, 8am–5pm GMT+8 (Malaysia time). Requests received outside business hours will be attended to on a best effort basis.

Support requests must be formally initiated by:

  1. Sending an email to [email protected]
  2. Using our contact page.

This will route your request through our email ticket system so that all ClickWP Caretakers are kept in the loop. Support requests via IM, or social networks, or personal communications will be disregarded.


Website Care Scope of Work

Your website care plan entitles you to the following each month:

1. Automatic nightly backups
Every night, your site’s files (including plugins, uploads and theme files) and database will be automatically backed up. If the worst happens and you get hacked, or if you accidentally delete a file, we can restore your site.

2. Website updates and security monitoring
ClickWP makes sure your site is protected from hackers by analyzing your site from top to bottom for security issues, and by keeping WordPress, plugins and themes up to date. We also monitor security bulletins and apply fixes whenever an urgent flaw is discovered. At least once a week, we visually inspect your site to catch problems that our automated scans would miss.

3. WordPress tech support
ClickWP is ready to help you figure out problems, questions, or concerns with anything WordPress-related. All website care plans come with unlimited email support. For hands-on support you may purchase a Support Pass, explained below.

Please note that our website care plans do not include web development, which is defined as creating or adapting code, or programming tasks for a website. As a rule of thumb, any request that involves writing more than 20 lines of code will require that you purchase a Superhero Support Pass, or engage us for a web development project. We provide development services to our customers at a discounted rate or USD50 per hour. We can also refer you to our recommended developers.


Website Updates

ClickWP follows best practices by updating all the components on your website (WordPress, plugins and themes) to their latest versions as soon as possible. This ensures your website receives bug fixes and security patches, and is free from errors and hackers.

Sometimes plugins and themes which you rely on may reach its end of life and/or stop receiving updates. These plugins and themes eventually become incompatible with newer versions of other components on the site, causing your site to stop working correctly. When we identify a compatibility issue, ClickWP will work with you to find replacements for the incompatible plugins and restore the site to working order.

However, we recognize that some incompatibilities require significant costs to address and it may not always be financially viable to fix the website. In this situation, ClickWP will temporarily freeze updates to your website.

Update Freeze

ClickWP will pause all updates to your website components for 6 months while we assist you to pursue options for resolving the compatibility issues by:

  • Replacing the incompatible component with newer alternatives
  • Hiring developers to fix the incompatible component
  • Rebuilding your website with more modern components

Please note that the update freeze is meant to be a temporary, stopgap measure. Your website will stop receiving security patches, causing it to become more vulnerable to malware and hackers; you should not count on the update freeze as a solution to your compatibility issues.

If the compatibility issue has not been resolved after 6 months, we will review your account status at ClickWP and suggest next steps.

See also: FAQs on Website Updates


Support Passes

Support Passes are for the times when email support is not enough and you need hands-on support from our Caretakers to complete a task on your behalf. We will login to your WordPress admin or web server to complete your request.

Support Passes are available in multiple durations, for up to a month. ClickWP will complete as many tasks as we can during the validity period of the Pass. The validity period of the Pass begins when we start on the first task, not at the time of purchase. However, do note that we may take up to 48 hours before we can begin on your task.

We offer 2 types of Support Passes. We will ask that you top-up or upgrade your pass if your task requires more time to complete. Support Passes may only be used for your sites with an active plan.


Value-added Services

Value-added services like website speed optimizations, WordPress migrations, etc will only be provided free or at a discounted rate if you have been a customer for at least 3 months. This is to avoid customers who cancel their plans after enjoying our free or discounted value-added services. We aim to foster long-term partnerships with you and we hope that this is a mutual goal.



You may cancel your website care plan after a minimum commitment period of 3 months from the My Account page when logged into this website.

ClickWP may terminate your plan and any related service(s) at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately, for any reason whatsoever, with or without providing any refund of any payments.

ClickWP may choose to make a refund at its sole discretion. However we shall not be obligated to refund any portion of any payments, in the event that you wish to terminate your plan and any related service(s), or in the event that your plan is terminated.


Passwords and Security

ClickWP requires your passwords – especially your web hosting passwords – for us to effectively provide our services. However, we ask that you regularly change your passwords in keeping with digital security best practices. When you do so, please notify us of the password change through our secure access details form.

ClickWP prefers not to change your passwords on your behalf because you should be in full control of that account as the owner.

You agree that ClickWP is not liable for security issues and other mishaps that occur due to poor password security.


See also our Privacy Policy and general Terms of Service.