I’m honored and delighted to be speaking at the inaugural Genesis Camp, an online conference dedicated to the Genesis Framework. My #GenesisWP buddies had this idea to do a community event a while ago and the volunteers have put in lots of effort to make this conference happen.

Genesis Camp starts this weekend (2000 GMT on Saturday) and will go on for more than 24 hours. I am presenting alongside personalities (and personal heroes) like Chris Lema, David Decker, Bill Erickson and Jesse Petersen. My 2 sessions are:

  1. Keeping local, staging and production sites in sync (Sun 0500 GMT)
  2. Caching WordPress with the Transients API (Sun 1015 GMT)

While my topics are pretty technical, there are lots of business related sessions as well and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting from among all the sessions. Learn more about Genesis Camp, and register for it on Crowdcast.

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