Switch between the Block Editor and Classic Editor

WordPress 5.0 introduced the Block Editor, which brings a new and different content editing experience. However, there are many reasons to switch back to the Classic Editor.

While the Block Editor modernizes the content editing experience, you may prefer to ease into it slowly. It’s easier to edit content created in the Classic Editor with the same editor. Finally, there are still many plugins and themes that are not fully compatible with the new Block Editor.

Thankfully, you can easily revert the change by installing the Classic Editor plugin. This is a free plugin that you can install from the Plugins → Add New screen. 

Switch to Classic Editor or Block Editor

Once activated, the plugin immediately re-enables the Classic Editor. It also adds an option to switch between the two editors. This is a great way to experiment and get used to the new WordPress editing experience at your own pace.

Managing Content Created With Different Editors

Your content will be contained within a Classic block when you switch from the Classic Editor to the Block Editor. That’s because every element in the Block Editor is a “block”, even your previous content.

Convert a Classic block into separate blocks

You can then convert the content within the Classic block to separate, individual blocks. Learn more about how this works

The Edit screen now indicate the editor used to create each piece of content. You’ll also be able to switch editors by clicking the corresponding link.

Choose the Default Editor

Navigate to Settings → Writing to locate the settings added by the Classic Editor plugin. Here you can choose the default editor and whether users can switch between editors.

Disable the Block Editor completely

To disable the Block Editor completely, navigate to the Writing Settings and choose:

  • Default editor: Classic Editor
  • Allow users to switch editors: No

The Block Editor Is An Important Piece Of WordPress’ Future

The Block Editor will be getting upgrades to edit more than just content. WordPress today uses different interfaces for different functions e.g. Widgets for secondary content and Menus for navigation.

The Block Editor will soon become the single interface for editing content, widgets and navigation (source), and eventually the entire site. This means that the Classic Editor may be retired soon. Therefore we highly recommend that you spend some time getting to know the Block Editor to avoid getting left behind.

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