Split your post content with the Read More tag

WordPress displays the full content of your posts on the blog page by default. WordPress also displays your posts in full on all archive pages, including category, tag and date listings.

Using the More block, you can display only the first part of the post instead. This helps to reduce the overall length and load time of your website.

A post that has been split with the More block

A different way to display less content on your archive pages is to use Excerpts in your content.

Add a More tag

Start by editing or creating a new post. Open the block inserter (add a new block) and search for the More block. Add it to your post and update or publish your post. That’s it!

Note: The more tag does not work with Pages.

But wait, there’s more!

You can customize the “read more” text. Click into the More block input, and type your own “read more” text. Update your post.

Customizing the “read more” text in the More block
A post with customized “read more” text

Using the More tag with the Classic Editor

This section is only relevant if you are still using the Classic Editor.

Position your cursor where you want to split the post. Click the More tag button in the editor toolbar.

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