Email Marketing Starter Pack
Professional WordPress Integration to Mailchimp, Aweber etc

Kickstart Your Email Marketing From Only $200

Get a head start on your email marketing with ClickWP’s Email Marketing Starter Pack.

Professionally integrate popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, Aweber and more to your WordPress site. Avoid amateur syndrome with a professional, branded sign up experience with forms and emails that match your site’s branding. You can even deliver a free gift (ebook, password, etc) once subscribers confirm their subscriptions.

Your $200+ investment will get you

  1. Branded opt-in form
  2. Custom confirmation pages
  3. Free gift for subscribers
  4. Customized email template
  5. Automatic blog posts by email*

* Or swap this with a 2nd opt-in form / have us import your existing contact list

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Branded Opt-in Form That Match Your Site’s Design

We’ll start by installing an opt-in form that matches the design of your site. You can include more than the standard form fields like details of the free ebook or course you’re providing when visitors sign up.

A branded sidebar opt-in that fits right into your site design

Your opt-in forms can appear within your blog content

Or as an a ligthbox that floats over the site content

A more subtle design that slides in from the corner

Incentivise Opt-ins With Free Gifts

ClickWP will also setup a welcome email with a download link to your free ebook, or set things up so that the subscriber is added to an autoresponder delivering a free course. You can customize the text in your welcome email as well.


Custom Confirmation Pages That Convert

Send your subscribers to a post-signup page that explains exactly what needs to be done next to confirm their subscriptions, and ensure that they receive your emails. This ensures you comply with CAN-SPAM requirements. You can also apply analytics goals to these pages so you can track your conversion funnel. See a live example.


Customized, Branded Email Template

We will customize an email template from your email marketing provider so that it matches your branding. Now your subscribers will instantly recognize your emails in their inboxes. You can use your email marketing provider's tools to create newsletters and campaigns with the template we create.

Automatically Deliver Your Blog Posts by Email

Finally, we’ll create a RSS-to-Email or Blog Broadcast campaign so that your blog posts are automatically delivered to your subscribers. Choose to send your blog posts daily or as weekly summaries.

Alternatively, we can create a 2nd opt-in form or import your existing contact list instead.

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