All-in-One WordPress Starter Plan
for Bloggers and Small Businesses

Our ClickStart Package is your Rock Solid WordPress Foundation

The ClickStart package gives you a professionally installed WordPress website, with all important essentials included. It’s your solid foundation to build a blog or business website. And if you need additional features, you can customize it further with available add-ons.

You’ll get a great-looking blog or website, and a game plan to follow to put you on the right track to success out of the gates. What you don’t get is endless hours fiddling and figuring out how it is supposed to work. Just focus on creating awesome content to attract visitors, and we’ll take care of all the technical details.

Starting at only $299, the ClickStart package is an affordable DIY alternative to a custom website design package which can easily cost 5 times more. You save money by choosing pre-made themes and paying for only what you need with our add-ons.

Are you a new WordPress user? Perhaps you’d like to consider starting a free blog at instead. Click here to learn about the differences between WP ClickStart ( option) and

Who This Package Is For

This isn’t a traditional web design package. It’s meant specifically for individuals and businesses who want a WordPress website. WordPress ClickStart is best for…

  • Small businesses, startups and individuals who want to get started on the right track quickly with WordPress
  • Seasoned bloggers who are experienced with other platforms who want to migrate to a self-hosted WordPress site
  • Individuals who don’t have the technical experience to install and setup WordPress, plugins and themes according to best practices

Included In This Package


Planning & Preparation

  • 1-hour coaching & orientation call over Skype
  • Identify your site goals and audience
  • Site layout and design planning
  • Content structure suggestions for maximum Search Engine Optimization

Professional Setup & Design

  • Guide you through domain and web hosting registration
  • Guide you through design choices (themes). See FAQ for details
  • Install and configure WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Setup the about, blog and contact pages

Advanced Optimizations

Finally set you up with essentials like social widgets, SEO and Google Analytics. We even include a free trial of our WordPress backups and updates support plan. Our experience here will put your site miles ahead compared to figuring it out yourself.

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Questions? We got answers

What themes can I use for my site?

You can use any WordPress theme you like. We’ll be helping you to select the best one based on your website goals and content.

There are many WordPress themes available for free, and premium ones cost approximately $40-100. However if you purchase any of our add-ons, we’ll even provide a premium theme from StudioPress for free (offer doesn’t include 3rd party themes).

For any theme that you choose, we’ll help setup the theme’s design options which includes the header image, background color, navigation menus and widgets (depends on your theme’s support for these features).

Is a domain name and web hosting included?

No, we do not provide those services. You’ll need to purchase a domain name and web hosting plan yourself.

We’ll provide recommendations for domain name registration and web hosting during the planning and preparation stage. FYI, Site5 and Webfaction are great choices (ClickWP started off on Site5).

What will we cover in our coaching and orientation call?

The call is meant for us to gauge your level of web knowledge, and to guide you through registering your domain and web hosting. Next we will find out the design elements that you want on your blog, and help you choose a blog theme. This way, your blog is completely customized for you.

The call is an important step because it ensures that we understand each other clearly and that we are on the same page. This also helps prevent delays caused by misunderstandings and crossed wires.

Will you be designing my site for me?

Not quite. We will customize the look of your site with pre-designed themes (skins) instead. You have the option of choosing a free theme or purchasing a premium theme (approximately $40-100). Compared to the price of a custom website design (starting from $1500), we think pre-designed blog themes are a much more affordable and practical option.

If you purchase any of our add-ons, we’ll even provide a premium theme from StudioPress, Graph Paper Press or Canvas by WooThemes for free.

Can you create a custom design for my website?

No, ClickWP does not provide design services.

I need other features that are not included in your add-ons. What are my options?

Let us know what features you need when making your order and we’ll provide a quote. Our standard rate for development and customizations is $60/hour.


More questions? No problem, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer. Contact ClickWP.