Display tweets on your site with the Twitter timeline widget

You can display a collection of tweets (a timeline) in your WordPress site with Twitter’s embedded timeline widgets. This timeline can display your own tweets, your Likes, tweets about a hashtag and more. In this article we will create a timeline of a user’s tweets.


Display your Twitter widget within your post content

To embed a Twitter timeline in your post or page content, simply paste the URL to the timeline in the post editor. WordPress will automatically convert the URL into a widget. Learn more.


Display your Twitter widget in your sidebar

The first step to display a Twitter widget in your sidebar is to get the embed code for the widget.

Visit https://publish.twitter.com. To create a user timeline widget, type in the user’s Twitter handle e.g. @ClickWP, and then press return.

Choose Embedded timeline and if you like, click the link to set customization options. Two important settings to note:

  1. We recommend that you reduce the height of the widget to 300px-400px to avoid taking up too much vertical space on your site.
  2. If you don’t want Twitter to recommend other people to follow, check the Opt-out of tailoring Twitter checkbox.

If you customized the settings, remember to click the Update button.

Finally copy the embed code provided to you.


Place the widget in a sidebar

Now login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Widgets page (WordPress → Appearance → Widgets). Drag a Custom HTML Widget into the location where you want to display your tweets. In the example below, I placed a Custom HTML Widget in the Primary Sidebar widget area and pasted my Twitter embed code there.

Next you can add an optional title to your widget e.g. “My Tweets”. Click the widget’s Save button. Congratulations! You’re now displaying your tweets on your WordPress site.