FAQs about ClickWP’s support tools

How is my site backed up?

Our primary backup system is a super-reliable, FTP-based system that doesn’t depend on WordPress. Your site files are downloaded nightly to the off-site cloud backup server. On top of this, we use backup plugins as a secondary backup system. This secondary system is not as reliable, but allows us to restore your site super quickly.


What plugins does ClickWP use for your support plans?

  1. BackupBuddy or BackWPup – for secondary backups
  2. Wordfence – firewall and malware scanner
  3. Simple History – records changes to your site
  4. ClickWP support – manages WordPress automatic updates
  5. iThemes Sync – enables us to remotely monitor your site


How can I hide the Dashboard widgets added by these plugins?

You may notice 2 new widgets for BackupBuddy and ClickWP support on the WordPress Dashboard. If you like, you can disable them through the Screen Options link in the upper right of the screen.


Will these plugins impact my site’s performance?

We’ve been careful to ensure that impact on your site performance is minimal. The only plugin that is constantly active is Simple History and only for admins, not website visitors.


Have more questions? Please contact us.