Embedding videos in WordPress

  WordPress makes it easy to embed videos from popular video services online. Locate the video URL In YouTube, under the video you want to embed, click the Share link. The Share this video pane will appear with the video link. Copy the video link. You can also copy the URL from your browser address… Continue reading

Disable Comments

At certain times you may want to disable comments on a particular Page or Post. Here are 2 ways to disable comments in WordPress. Disable comments on a per-page basis On the Add New or Edit screen, scroll down and locate the Discussion box. Uncheck the Allow comments checkbox and click Publish or Update to… Continue reading

Assigning a Featured Image to a Post

Images make a website look a lot more interesting than long blocks of text. Some themes can automatically represent each post with an image in a grid or slider format by making use of Featured Images. Example of Featured Images In this example, the theme automatically represents each post with an image. You see this… Continue reading

Customize your work area with Screen Options

You can choose the modules and even the number of columns to display on each admin page of your WordPress site. To do this, click the Screen Options tab in the upper right of the screen. The Screen Options pane will slide down to reveal specific options for the page you are on. Select the… Continue reading

Using Page Templates

Page Templates are used to display different content or layouts for Pages. For example, you might have a Page Template to display a special home page layout, a sitemap, or a layout without any sidebars. You can use different Page Templates for different Pages. Using a Page Template If your theme comes with Page Templates,… Continue reading

Understanding paragraphs and line breaks in WordPress

The difference between paragraphs and line breaks: Here is the first paragraph And this is a 2nd paragraph Here is a line of text in the 3rd paragraph Here is a 2nd line of text in the same paragraph, but separated by a line break. Press the Shift and Enter (Return) key together to make… Continue reading