FAQs on Website Migrations

FAQs on Website Migration Thank you for trusting ClickWP to migrate your website! Here is some essential information for your migration. No Downtime. First and foremost, ClickWP should be able to migrate your website with no downtime at all. Even if your website is unavailable, it will only be for a few minutes at the… Continue reading

FAQs about ClickWP’s support tools

How is my site backed up? Our primary backup system is a super-reliable, FTP-based system that doesn’t depend on WordPress. Your site files are downloaded nightly to the off-site cloud backup server. On top of this, we use backup plugins as a secondary backup system. This secondary system is not as reliable, but allows us… Continue reading

Migrating your site from WordPress.com

Migrating your WordPress.com site is a multi-step process that can be rather intimidating. ClickWP aims to make the move as smooth and painless as possible for you. This document explains the steps involved and what ClickWP needs from you.

Using your custom Mailchimp template

If you have purchased our Email Marketing Starter Pack, we would have created a custom template for you. Here’s how to re-use this template. Start by creating a campaign in Mailchimp. Choose the Regular Ol’ Campaign option. Setup the campaign by selecting the recipients and writing a subject line. Proceed on to the Template stage of… Continue reading