WordPress 3.5 “Elvin”: New features we love

The WordPress development team has been super hard at work and have released version 3.5 of the WordPress software, nicknamed Elvin. We have been playing with the preview versions for a while and think it’s a superb upgrade. Here are our favorite features.

New Media Manager

Uploading images, organize and re-ordering them, and adding images into your post has been streamlined in the brand new Media manager. It’s also much easier to add a gallery of images with the image picker.

The brand new Media Manager
The brand new Media Manager

The Media library is completely different and may take some getting used to, but it’s a welcome upgrade. Since it’s such a big change, you may want to watch our bite-sized knowledge base videos on Adding Photos and Images and Using the Media Library.

Our videos require a ClickWP account (sign up for free!) and have all been updated for WordPress 3.5.

Enhanced oEmbed support

We really love the photo sharing service Instagram, and WordPress 3.5 now adds automatic embed support for the service. Simply place the URL of your Instagram photo on a new line like this:


And when you publish the post it magically turns into this:

Zack watching TV like a boss #instablog

A photo posted by David Wang (@blogjunkie) on

(Follow me on Instagram for more pictures of my little kiddo)

Along with Instagram, WordPress 3.5 now supports automatic embeds for SlideShare.net and Soundcloud.

Plugin Favorites

A new feature was introduced to the WordPress plugin repository 1-2 months back: The ability to mark plugins as favorites. And in WordPress 3.5, you can view your favorite plugins directly from the Install Plugins screen!

View your favorite plugins directly from the Install Plugins screen
View your favorite plugins directly from the Install Plugins screen

This is such a useful and time-saving feature, especially since there are so many plugins now. *Fist bump* to the person who thought of this feature!

New look Admin screens

Finally, the admin screens have been updated and are sharper looking. The buttons are a different shape and those of you on high resolution devices like the iPad will see crisper icons. I’m really impressed at how WordPress keeps up with larger web trends in general and glad that they take the time to implement small touches like this.

Finally, the WordPress team made a 2-minute video overview to introduce WordPress 3.5 “Elvin”.

Upgrade today

Upgrading is easy! Login to your WordPress Admin → Dashboard → Updates and click the Update Now button. Updates are relatively bulletproof, but do take the time to backup your site just in case your server has a hiccup. We recommend BackupBuddy for 1-click WordPress backups.

Alternatively, our WordPress support plans will take care of backing up and upgrading your WordPress site. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Enjoy the new features in WordPress 3.5!


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