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Setup your WordPress profile picture a.k.a. Gravatar

Your WordPress site can display profile images or avatars alongside comments, profile pages, and anywhere else that WordPress needs to display a profile picture. However, the profile picture is not set within your WordPress dashboard. This is because WordPress relies on the 3rd-party Gravatar service. Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars because they “follow” you around the […]

Fixing text styling inconsistencies in your content

Occasionally you may find the font in a post to be different from the rest. This commonly happens when you copy and paste content into the WordPress post editor. In addition to the content, the extraneous and unnecessary formatting has been copied along with it. This additional formatting information overrides your theme’s font styling and causes […]

Setup Yahoo! Mail to send email from a different address

You can setup Yahoo! Mail to send email from a different email address, i.e. This way you can manage all your email in 1 central location – your Yahoo! Mail inbox. Here are the steps to set that up. Related: 3 options for your own professional email address Forward your alternate email address to Yahoo […]

Setup Gmail to send email from a different address

You can setup Gmail to send email from a different email address, i.e. This way you can manage all your email in 1 central location – your Gmail inbox. Here are the steps to set that up.

Migrating your site from

Migrating your site is a multi-step process that can be rather intimidating. ClickWP aims to make the move as smooth and painless as possible for you. This document explains the steps involved and what ClickWP needs from you.

WordPress URL shortcuts for the login and admin pages

By default, WordPress’ login and admin pages have unintuitive URLs: Luckily, recent versions of WordPress have the following shortcuts: – sends you to the login page – sends you to the admin page (Dashboard) So much more intuitive and easier to remember!

How to re-use your custom Mailchimp template

If you have purchased our Email Marketing Starter Pack, we would have created a custom template for you. Here’s how to re-use this template. Start by creating a campaign in Mailchimp. Choose the Regular Ol’ Campaign option. Setup the campaign by selecting the recipients and writing a subject line. Proceed on to the Template stage of […]

Easy media embeds (oEmbed)

WordPress makes it super easy to embed content from your favorite websites like YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and more with a technology called oEmbed. All you need to do is to post the URL to the item in the post editor, on it’s own line. That means typing this in your post editor… … will result […]

Integrate Google Analytics with the Google Analyticator plugin

Google Analytics is a free, enterprise-level analytics service that allows you to track your website visits and pageviews. You can easily copy and paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code to your website but if you use a plugin like Google Analyticator you’ll get much better features. First, the plugin will know not to track logged in […]

Display tweets on your site with the Twitter timeline widget

You can display a collection of tweets (a timeline) in your WordPress site with Twitter’s embedded timeline widgets. There are 4 types of timelines you can display: User Timeline: Display public Tweets from your own account, or your company account. Favorites: Show all Tweets a specific user has marked as favorites. List: Show Tweets from public lists that you own […]