Portfolio Slideshow Pro Quickstart Guide

This guide will quickly tell you what you need to know about the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin.

Settings and Documentation


You can manage settings and access the documentation for the Portfolio Slideshow Pro plugin by going to your WordPess Admin → Settings → Porftolio Slideshow Pro

Do take some time to review the Documentation. It’s easy to understand and gives you a birds eye view perspective of the plugin and how it works.

Create your slideshow


You can create a slideshow or image gallery from your WordPress Admin → Slideshows → Add New. Click the upload button to open the Media Uploader window. After uploading your images, be sure to click Save Draft. You can then drag and drop to re-order your images. Next, copy the slideshow shortcode e.g. [portfolio_slideshow id=148] and paste it where you want the slideshow to appear. Using this method you can display the same slideshow in multiple locations across your site.

Create a slideshow from a post or page


You can also create a slideshow from a post or page. Start by uploading images to the post with the media uploader. After you have uploaded the images, use the [portfolio_slideshow] shortcode in your post to display the slideshow. You can also click the Insert Slideshow button to bring up the shortcode generator window.

Shortcode Generator


When you click the Insert Slideshow button, the shortcode generator window will appear. You can use the options in this window to choose a slideshow to display, and customize its options. Finally click the Insert button and the shortcode with all the custom attributes will be inserted at your mouse cursor.